Patient Testimonials

Here are what some of Sherry's patients have to say about their own personal healing experiences with her.

Testimonial: Hand Pain

January 12, 2006

In November of 2004, I searched for an alternative medicine for an aggressive and painful condition in my hands known as Dupuytren's Contracture. This dibilitating disease is a result of the tendons in the hand tightening and forming a cord which prevents the fingers to completely straighten out.

After several visits to my HMO provider prior to November 2004 for this condition, I was told there was no treatment for this condition and out patient surgery would be required once the fingers reached a closed position. In short, the surgery cuts the tendons in a zigzag fashion and allows the fingers to straighten out. In most cases, this surgery is only temporary relief and the condition is most likely to return after a period of time which would require additional surgery.

As most people, my hands are very active. I find great joy in playing the electric guitar. In November 2004, I informed my guitar instructor I was considering to give up guitar playing and would not be able to continue with guitar lessons because of the pain in my hands. Shortly after informing my guitar instructor I began acupuncture treatments with the hope it would relieve the pain and remedy the condition.

Sherry Yang, L.Ac., began treating my hands in November 2004. The beginning stages of the treatment were very mild and non-invasive. This allowed me to acclimate to the environment and be comfortable with the treatment. Sherry showed great concern at all phases of the acupuncture treatment not to cause me any discomfort. After only a few acupuncture sessions, I was totally confident with Sherry's technique and ability to treat my condition. After several visits, Sherry began to treat the Dupuytren's Contracture aggressively. In doing so, Sherry placed the very thin acupuncture needles strategically along the deformed tendons in my hand. After which a small electronic device was connected to the acupuncture needles and a slight current was able to run through the tendons. Amazingly after several treatments of this kind, the pain in my hands diminished greatly. After several months of treatment, the tissue that bounded my fingers slightly softened.

The acupuncture treatment I've received from Sherry Yang has greatly improved the quality of my life in regards to my hands. The Dupuytren's Contracture still remains in my hands, but the treatment I received from Sherry has kept the condition from worsening and also has kept the pain threshold to a very minimal amount. I am convinced if it were not for this treatment I would have already required out patient surgery previously mentioned. I am currently seeing Sherry Yang once a week to treat the Dupuytren's Contracture in my hands.

In conclusion, I continue to play the guitar each day for several hours at a time without complications and also continue to take guitar lessons once a week. This is the happy ending to this story.

- Michael

Testimonial: Ankle Pain and Stress Reduction

January 15, 2006

I started seeing Sherry because I have a sprained ankle which hadn't completely healed - an injury I had sustained a year ago. My ankle totally healed over several sessions.

Moreover I had several issues in which she has helped me tremendously. My breathing has improved. Most importantly, Sherry helped me with my energy. I feel so much more balanced and less anxious. I'm also sleeping better. I feel like a new person. I attribute my renewed self to Sherry's acupuncture.

- Francoise

Testimonial: Heel Pain, Stress Reduction, Lower Back Pain

June 8, 2006

I began seeing Sherry 1 year ago. I came to her because I was experiencing heel pain. Sherry treated me successfully and my heel pain vanished! I also developed a bulging disc which took a toll on my lower back. Treatments for both the leg pain and back left me feeling great! I had issues with sleeping due to stress and Sherry showed care and concern and bgan adding the acupuncture for those issues.

Sherry Yang is truly a healer! Her quiet approach to healing and comforting style makes me feel very taken care of. I feel energized, clear and focused and truly believe that Sherry is responsible for my well-being! Thank you Sherry for who you are and what you do!

- Jeanne

Testimonial: Lack of Sleep, Menopausal Symptoms, Headaches, High Blood Pressure

June 15, 2006

Sherry Yang began her healing process on me over a year ago. I had ALL the symptoms of menopause. It was taking over my life and I had to do something. I tried prescription medicines as well as herbal products with no relief.

Sherry worked her "magic" on me and I just kept feeling better and had much more "clarity." I keep telling all my friends that they do not have to suffer through the symptoms of menopause when there are healers like Sherry Yang.

- J.O.